The Civil Code of the Russian Federation

(with the Additions and Amendments of February 20, August 12, 1996,
October 24, 1997, July 8, December 17, 1999, April 16, May 15,
November 26, 2001, March 21, November 14, 26, 2002,
January 10, March 26, November 11, December 23, 2003)

Part I
Section I
Subsection 1
Chapter 1
The Civil Legislation
Chapter 2
Arising of the Civil Rights and Duties, Exercising and Protectionof the Civil Rights
Subsection 2
Chapter 3
The Citizens (Natural Persons)
Chapter 4
The Legal Entities
_ 1.
The Basic Provisions
_ 2.
The Economic Partnerships and Companies
__ 1.
The General Provisions
__ 2.
The General Partnership
__ 3.
The Limited Partnership
__ 4.
The Limited Liability Company
__ 5.
The Double Liability Company
__ 6.
The Joint-Stock Company
__ 7.
The Subsidiary and Dependent Companies
_ 3.
The Production Cooperatives
_ 4.
The State-Run and Municipal Unitary Enterprises
_ 5.
The Non-Profit Organizations
Chapter 5
Participation of the Russian Federation, of the Subjects of theRussian Federation and of the Municipal Entities in the Relationships, Regulated by the Civil Legislation
Subsection 3
Chapter 6
The General Provisions
Chapter 7
The Securities
Chapter 8
The Non-Material Values and Their Protection
Subsection 4
Chapter 9
The Deals
_ 1.
The Concept, the Kinds and the Form of the Deals
_ 2.
The Invalidity of the Deals
Chapter 10
The Representation. The Warrant
Subsection 5
Chapter 11
The Counting of the Term
Chapter 12
The Limitation of Actions
Section II
Chapter 13
The General Provisions
Chapter 14
The Acquisition of the Right of Ownership
Chapter 15
The Cessation of the Right of Ownership
Chapter 16
The Common Property
Chapter 17
The Right of Ownership and the Other Rights of Estate to the Land
Chapter 18
The Right of Ownership and the Other Rights of Estate to the Living Quarters
Chapter 19
The Right of Economic Management and the Right of Operation Management
Chapter 20
Protection of the Right of Ownership and of the Other Rights of Estate
Section III
Subsection 1
Chapter 21
The Concept and the Aspects of an Obligation
Chapter 22
The Discharge of Obligations
Chapter 23
Providing for the Discharge of Obligations
_ 1.
The General Provisions
_ 2.
The Forfeit
_ 3.
The Pledge
_ 4.
The Retention
_ 5.
The Surety
_ 6.
The Bank Guarantee
_ 7.
The Advance
Chapter 24
The Substitution of Persons in an Obligation
_ 1.
The Transfer of the Creditor's Rights to Another Person
_ 2.
The Transfer of the Debt
Chapter 25
Responsibility for the Violation of Obligations
Chapter 26
The Termination of Obligations
Subsection 2
Chapter 27
The Concept and the Terms of the Contract
Chapter 28
The Conclusion of the Contract
Chapter 29
The Amendment and the Cancellation of the Contract
Part II
Part III

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